Star Pole Anchoring System

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    STAR-POLE.pngSTAR POLE ANCHOR is a system designed to install and secure in place poles (wodden, composite or other material) on rock, concrete or any hard surface. This is achieved by anchoring the poles rather than spending precious time and money with blasting. Easy to install and very sturdy, STAR POLE ANCHOR is your best choice to secure your poles in place.

    STAR POLE ACNHOR has been designed to be stronger than a wooden poles that complies with CSA 015-05 standard (red pine species). See our test results in the documents area.

    Multiple tests, performed in different conditions, have indeed proven that the system is stronger than the bending moment of the pole itself! You can use STAR POLE ANCHOR fearless, our anchors will resist any load, even those most poles cannot resist!

    4 types of anchors are available: 2 or 3 saddles, vertical or inclined. Many configurations are possible when at least 3 anchors are used.



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