Safety Equipment

Product ID: M-87384

Carrying Bag for MO-180-ARC20-EXP


Product ID: MO-180-ARC20-EXP

Impact rated Hard Hat with integrated ARC FLASH Face Shield 
Rated for 20 Cals
*Replacement Face Shields with protective Chin Guard are available- Part MO-180-ARC20-EXPVR
**Available with a Blue, Yellow, or Red Helmet, or a Grey visor.



Product ID: MS-124

LED Headlamp
20 Lumens
Requires AA battery



Product ID: Starpole

Hassle-free pole anchoring system designed to install and secure poles (wooden, composite, or other material) in place on rock, concrete or any hard surface.


Easy to install- Only uses light equipment and no skilled labor needed
Safe- Eliminates risks and hazards inherent with blasting

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