Omega - Medium Voltage Overhead

Product ID: Omega

A controlled length-adjustment anchoring device which protects overhead distribution lines against mechanical overloads. (Trees falling, snow or ice)




Each DAC-OMEGA model is characterized by a specific setting-load "f". When the conductor’s tension just exceeds its elastic limit, the OMEGA shaped link opens out progressively and smoothly as a result of the plastic deformation of the arm belows.

 phase_DAC_OMEGA.jpg DAC_omega_courbe.bmp

Ice, rime and wet snow loads on distribution lines as well as fallen trees may increase conductor tension tremen- dously which, in turn, may lead to extensive damage to supports and cross-arms, ultimately, to long-continued outages, costly repairs and even complete line reconstruction.

The conductor tension control devices (DAC) are used as a means to protect dead-end supports and cross-arms. They are designed to provide, in a smoothly manner, extra slack in the dead-end spans as the conductor tension just exceeds a nominal value.

The patented OMEGA device provides :
– Comprehensive and reliable concept designed for long
– Independent protection of each conductor - preventing
torsional failure of supports
– Possibility of immediate, temporary re-sagging follo
wing activation.
– Easy to install and to replace.

The OMEGA allows the line to sustain an over- load of up to 30% weight due to wet snow, ice or wind.



Isolators' attache, for the fixing of the conductors in the circular grooves of the insulators.



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